Operational Workforce Planning Training Course

About the course

A two day interactive programme focused on the concept of Activity Based Operational Workforce Planning. This is how the total amount of labour resources required to process a given volume of work, in a defined timeframe, can be accurately measured so that operational workforce requirements can be set to optimise efficiency and to minimise costs.

In addition to explaining the theory behind the techniques, the course uses the Waypoint application to provide delegates with practical opportunities to build operating models and to run planning scenarios in a test environment.

By the end of the course you will;

  • Be able to explain the benefits of the activity based approach to operational workforce labour planning
  • Recognise the components of the planning model, how they are linked together and the importance of organising and maintaining data integrity
  • Be able to identify all the activities and tasks that are required to build a comprehensive operational workforce plan for your business enterprise
  • Recognise the role that standard minute values play in improving the accuracy of plans
  • Recognise the benefits of collaboration between HR, Planning, Operations and Industrial Engineering (process analysts) teams that are required to maintain the effectiveness of planning processes
  • Be able to demonstrate practical experience of tackling a range of planning challenges and scenarios in a working Activity Based Operational Workforce Planning model

Hilton Productivity Services Ltd can provide in-house training and coaching using the course content as the basis for a customised approach to meet your requirements.

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