Peter's guide to starting up and running a micro business

My story of trying to turn a passion into a business, the ups and downs, and why dreams haven’t yet turned into reality……..


I set my business up after I was made redundant in June 2015. In March 2020 I closed the business, having failed to generate enough regular paying clients. This blog will trace the timeline from May 2015 to the present day.

For the whole period I worked independently, seeking out expert help and support when I felt that it was required, and networking across the country looking for work. Whilst meeting and talking to many people what struck me particularly was the extent of guardedness I came across. In business, especially small and micro businesses it’s very hard to breakthrough barriers and create close working relationships.

The blogs will be published chronologically, but each will form its own episode.

Some of the blogs will focus on personal aspects that frame some the decisions I made at the time.