Tools of the trade -

We recently completed work for a friend of the business and regular client. This time there were a range of things to look at, all required in order to keep the operational performance management system running smoothly. Over the course of a few weeks we completed a series of observations and analysis exercises.

There were processes that had been changed as a result of a system upgrade, a process that had changed as a result of supply chain disruption, a brand new process required for a new customer and a change to a logistics process as a result of a process improvement exercise implemented in retail operations.

A typical series of events that could disrupt operational performance if the business fails to understand the implications. There are also serious implications for workforce management processes and for the labour budget. Quantifying the impact of the changes requires a new work study and time study exercise. Providing the new metrics allows the business to respond with better decisions about allocating resources to keep an even flow across the operations and to maintain performance.

The study board provided by Tectime Data Systems is the tool used for time studies, to manage data and evaluate the results.