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Hilton Productivity Services

We work with retail, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics enterprises in the North West who are looking for local and competitively-priced expert support in streamlining their business operations through workforce planning and process improvement. Clients benefit from our complete and fully-tailored solutions delivered personally by industry specialist Peter Hilton.

Hilton Productivity Services supports business of any size, from smaller SMEs looking for help to improve workforce efficiencies through to large, multi-national and multi-centre organisations with complex operational management structures.

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We work alongside our clients’ people, analysing data and recommending solutions based on tried and tested operational planning techniques so that clients can improve business efficiency, save money and benefit from clear workplace structures and increased morale. Hilton Productivity Services helps businesses to grow by getting the most out of their people.

About Peter Hilton CMILT

With over 30 years’ experience in operational workforce planning and process improvement, and having seen considerable industry change over that time, Peter Hilton, Director of Hilton Productivity Services, is a highly experienced expert and project manager with knowledge and understanding across a diverse range of sectors and industries.

With notable experience in supporting recognised names, Peter has achieved excellent results to create more streamlined, efficient businesses that benefit from stronger workforces and he enjoys a strong reputation amongst his client base.

In particular when working closely alongside people in client organisations, Peter understands the need for an honest, open and helpful approach in order to achieve optimum results, with practical and people-focused solutions to operational and industrial process issues.

Peter established Hilton Productivity Services in 2015 to create a blueprint for best practice.

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