Lakeland Limited - Case Study

As Lakeland Limited’s business has grown, in particular its online retail operations, Hilton Productivity Services has been pleased to support the team with process improvement and workforce planning to create a stronger, more efficient and structured workforce.

Operational Workforce Planning

Hilton Productivity Services set up our Waypoint reporting application, allowing Lakeland’s team to establish benchmarks for store activity and resource utilisation. Since then, data has been reviewed periodically, with Waypoint’s operating model being used to re-evaluate current processes and performance.

With clear background information and thorough data analysis, the client has benefited from reassurance in its decision-making processes and our independent viewpoint allows stores to operate more efficiently within their budgets.

Tactical Operational Process Improvement

With our support, Lakeland now compiles individual performance reporting in the Customer Services Centre based at Head Office and the Kendal Distribution Centre using labour standards.

Reporting processes are updated periodically with the input of Hilton Productivity Services’ Industrial Engineering expertise, keeping systems in line with changes in tasks and volume flows to maintain consistent and accurate performance reporting. Our work gives management teams the right tools and information they need to better understand their data and implement effective change.

Industrial Engineering

The Lakeland Distribution Centre team has implemented a number of process improvement projects as a result of our advice and recommendations. Having studied the impact of updated dispatch systems, we reduced the client’s resourcing requirements by 20% whilst developing a rota plan which established appropriate resourcing levels.

Continuing to help the client to increase efficiency, Hilton Productivity Services Ltd has made regular site visits to advise on resource management and to update labour standards.

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